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After School Programs

YHSO boasts robust, educational after school programs that are continuing to evolve. To date we have three types of programs targeted to students inside and outside the YHSO community.

Each program lasts between 45 minutes and an hour and are available at various times between Monday and Thursday beginning at 5:00 pm.

Classes are segregated by gender and are taught wherever possible by Rabbi Fine.

  • Enrichment Program
  • Extension Program
  • Reach-Ahead Program
  • Age: Grades 7-12

    Judaic & Academic Background: Strong

    Geared to YHSO students or students in grades 7-12 with a strong Judaic background, our Enrichment program features challenging classes in advanced Talmud (boys), Tanach and Halacha in a low ratio classroom.

  • Age: Grades 7-12

    Judaic & Academic Background: Medium

    Our Extension Program caters to public school high school students or students with special needs who are seeking a deep, text-based Judaic program. Classes are designed to be interactive with a focus on text-based commentaries and plenty of visual and game-based learning. No knowledge of Hebrew is required and translations are provided. Topics include Halacha and Tanach.

  • Age: Grades 7-8

    Judaic & Academic Background: Low to Medium

    Our Reach Ahead program is designed for junior high students who wish to augment their Judaic education but do not yet have the skill set to be able to read and translate text independently. This program is designed to prepare students not attending Torah Day School of Ottawa for the rigours of YHSO.

registration for programs

If students sign up for Chumash (4 times a week), they will receive a high school credit (HRE43), upon successful completion of the course.

All classes are tax deductible and eligible for a tax receipt.

For single student classes: $60 per 45 min session
For classes with more than one student: $50 per 45 minute session

Please e-transfer the amount to

Rabbi Fine will be finalizing the after-school learning schedule by end of summer 2024 and will be in touch with all applicants at that time.