course outlines

Courses still pending ministry approval.


Halacha focuses on the practical application of Jewish law to a student’s life. This year we will be learning the laws of Shabbos through the Hebrew Sefer, Pischei Halacha – Kashrus by Rav Binyamin Forst. Students will gain an understanding of the Halachic principles and how they apply to practical situations. Students will also develop analytic skills to apply abstract Halachic concepts to real life situations.



This year, students will study the Parshiyos of Lech Lecha, Vayeira and Chayei Sara. Course goals include accumulation of new vocabulary, reading and translating skills for Chumash, Rashi and other Meforshim (commentaries) as appropriate. Students will develop skills to identify textual idiosyncrasies and to discern the textual difficulties that Rashi responds to. Students will learn about the main philosophical ideas brought forth in the text, and the approach of the classical commentaries to these concepts.

Jewish History (Girls)

Jewish history focuses on both the events of our collective past and the lessons we can learn from them to prepare for our future as a community of believers. The student will encounter the challenges and triumphs we have endured and will discover the hand of G-d as the protector of the Jewish people. This year, the course will center on the Jewish experience between the years 250 BCE and 750 CE.


Through Navi, students will gain an understanding of Jewish history and its figures through the eyes of the classical Navi commentaries. This year we will be studying Melachim Beis, Rus and Esther.

Talmud (Boys)

This year, students will be studying tractate Kiddushin comprising the laws of marriage and property acquisition. Students will acquire new vocabulary, practice reading and translating skills for Gemara, Rashi and Tosafos, and be exposed to an array of Rishonim and Acharonim.


The Yahadus course incorporates the practical insights, knowledge and experiences designed to benefit a bas Yisrael as she navigates the modern world. Centered on short units, the course will focus on those practical and experiential ideas that uniquely apply to the religious Jewish woman and Jewish history.

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